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Matarangi (Garage/Workshop-Storage)

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The task at hand involved the removal of an old utility building on the property, replacing it with a more spacious structure designed to serve multiple purposes – providing a double garage and storage area, as well as additional bathroom facilities to accommodate overflow, especially during the summer months.

The storage space was specifically designed to house kayaks, fishing, and hunting gear, and even included a newly installed and securely bolted gun safe.

  • Job type: New garage/workshop
  • When: 2021-2022
  • Description: New Ideal Garage/Workshop
  • Exterior details: Shadowclad & Batten with Superclad¬†
  • Roof materials: Colorsteel
  • Design features: Attached Garaport

During the project, the client expressed a desire for the new garage to seamlessly match the existing building’s shadowclad cladding. However, due to budget constraints, achieving a complete match seemed challenging. Initially, the chosen cladding for the garage was Superclad. However, early in the construction process, a meeting was arranged to discuss an alternative solution.

Given that only two walls of the building would be visible from certain areas of the property, we proposed a design solution. The plan involved cladding the visible walls (veranda and front) with Shadowclad while using Superclad colorsteel for the non-visible sides. This approach ensured a harmonious appearance without exceeding the client’s budget.