Whitianga Garage

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J D Hoyland Builders Limited contracted to Ideal Buildings Coromandel to undertake construction of this impressive garage which was completed in late 2023, following an intensive six-month timeline. This schedule was challenged by Coromandel weather-related delays, particularly in the construction of the large retaining wall and foundations. Despite these setbacks, our team persevered to deliver an exceptional result and the Garage won Ideal Buildings Garage of the Year for 2023.

The garage spans an expansive 126 square meters, taking the form of an L-shape structure. It features two sectional entry doors for easy access and functionality. The standout element is the mono-pitch roof, boasting a stud height of 4.0 meters at its highest point. To fill the space with natural light, Ampelite panels were integrated into the roof design. The roof’s span exceeds an impressive 13 meters, offering ample room for various purposes.

The garage’s exterior is clad in standard Superclad Colorsteel Endura in the Flaxpod colour, seamlessly complementing the adjacent house. The project required extensive engineering for the retaining wall, foundation, and internal beam.

Aluminium joinery windows and an access door were thoughtfully integrated into the design, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

  • Job type: New Ideal Garage
  • When: 2023
  • Description: New Ideal Mono-Pitch Garage
  • Exterior details: Shadowclad Colorsteel Endura in the Flaxpod colour 
  • Roof materials: Coloursteel 6 Rib 0.4 Gauge