Minor Dwelling

Whitianga Minor Units

StaffMinor Dwelling, Residential building

Both minor units are situated within Ohuka Park, offering scenic views of Mercury Bay. As per the district plan regulations for lifestyle blocks, the construction of a 50sqm minor unit alongside an existing dwelling is permitted.  The minor units have been thoughtfully integrated into the properties, blending in seamlessly with the main dwellings while offering privacy.

The primary purpose of the first minor unit was to provide housing for the owner’s son and his young family, as soaring housing prices have made it challenging for them to enter the housing market, with exorbitant rental costs exacerbating the situation. Similarly, the second minor unit was built by to accommodate an employee and her partner, who were also struggling to find rental accommodation in the area.

Not only do they address the housing needs of the respective families, but they also serve as a cost-effective building solution in the midst of the housing crisis. By providing affordable housing options, these minor units contribute to alleviating the challenges posed by the current housing shortage.

  • Job type: New residential buildings
  • When: 2022-2023
  • Description: New Ideal Hunua Minor Units
  • Exterior details: Colorsteel Vertical 6 Rib on one and Colorsteel Superclad on the other 
  • Roof materials: Colorsteel